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Image by Dominik Van Opdenbosch
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carbon capture 
& storage

Different options to try to reduce overall carbon dioxide emissions are being investigated, but the main way to reduce carbon dioxideemissions from large industrial sources is called carbon capture and storage, or CCS. CCS involves capturing carbon dioxide carbon dioxide at emission sources, transporting and then storing or burying it in a suitable deep, underground location. CCS can also mean the removal of carbon dioxide directly or indirectly from the atmosphere.

Fossil fuel-related carbon dioxide emissions reached 32 Gigatonnes in 2010. These emissions come from industrial processes and stationary emission sources, such as power stations, cement production and refineries. About 50% of the total anthropogenic (human-made) carbon dioxide emissions between 1750 and 2010 have been produced in the last 40 years

Image: Global CCS Institute

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