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Anyone interested in geology, Earth or planetary sciences is welcome to join the Oxford Geology Group.  We keep our membership fees low to encourage participation.  For an annual fee of only £20 (ordinary membership), you'll find there's plenty to keep you busy all year round.  We also have discounted rates for students reading Earth Sciences and offer an 'Associate membership' if you live more than 112 km (70 miles) from Oxford.


We've done away with paper forms as you can now join online.  


For further information about joining the Oxford Geology Group, contact our Membership Secretary via

If you are already a member you can log into your account

Rock Formations
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Full membership gives you free access to all of the Oxford Geology Group lectures, members' rates for the Oxford Colloquium, field trips, workshops, seminars and conferences.



For anyone living more than 112 km (70 miles) from Oxford.


Associate membership gives you all the rights of full membership but recognises that you will not be able to access all of our activities and events.


For former students & staff of Oxford Earth Sciences we have a special membership.



Many local companies have secured membership for their staff members through our Corporate Membership Scheme


Student of Earth Sciences

To recognise the special relationship between Oxford Geology Group and the Department of Earth Sciences  we have created a special membership package.


Rock Club

For young people under 18 we offer a lower cost membership. Rock Club meets once a month.  

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