Charity & Tax Status

Oxford Geology Group is a fully constituted Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) and registered with the Charity Commission for England and Wales.  Our charity registration number is 1175367.

Her Majesty's Revenue & Customs (HMRC) recognise OGG's CIO status and has therefore exempted the society from taxation. Our tax exemption number is: EW81353 



The Constitution of Oxford Geology Group is a legal document adopted by the society in 2017.  The constitution makes provision for Oxford Geology Group to be governed by a Board of Trustees.

How OGG is governed

The Board of Trustees (The Board) manages the day to day activities of the Group.  The Board is elected at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) which is held in early November.


The Board meets six times per year.   The chairman is responsible for keeping the meetings to order, giving everyone their say and ensuring the Board keeps to time.  The president and vice presidents, who are not members of the Board, are responsible for ceremonial duties.


Chairman of the Board

Chairs meetings of the OGG Board, ensuring that business is conducted fairly and efficiently.


General Secretary

Issues the summons to meet, prepares the agenda in conjunction with the Chairman, keeps minutes, maintains official Board correspondence, submits, within ten months of the AGM, the Annual Report to the Charity Commission.



Responsible for maintaining a full record of Oxford Geology Group finances, collects dues, & monitors management accounts. Makes Gift Aid claims to HMRC.


Membership Secretary

Maintains the record of membership, distributes membership cards & manages recruitment campaigns.


Communications Secretary

Maintains the OGG website, social media and online communications.


Programme Secretary

Is responsible for providing a full and varied, fully-costed and resourced programme of activities and events.  The programme should be a balance of lectures, conferences (Oxford Colloquium & Oxford Mineralogy Symposium), field meetings, geoconservation, educational & training programmes and outreach work.


Students' Secretary and RCR Secretary

Are responsible for recruitment of student and graduate members of the Oxford Department of Earth Sciences respectively, liaising with the student/graduate body and representing the interests of students/RCR members at Board meetings.

Board of Trustee Meetings

The OGG Board of Trustees is scheduled to meet on the following occasions in 2019 at Oxford Town Hall:

Tuesday June 25

Thursday September 19

Thursday November 21

The Annual General Meeting (AGM)

The Annual General Meeting is held in early November.  The date of the AGM coincides with the end of the OGG year (determined by the Charity Commission for England & Wales).  Oxford Geology Group's year ends each year on October 24.  The society has ten months to submit its Annual Report to the Charity Commission.

The Annual General Meeting will be held on Thursday November 7, 2019 at the Town Hall, Oxford.

The Board of Trustees

Our current Board of Trustees:



Paul-Austin Sargent

elected to office 11/2018

General Secretary

Heidi Bailey

elected to office 11/2018


Jorge Gaitan

elected to office 11/2018

Communications Secretary

Noam Vogt-Vincent

elected to office 11/2018

Programme Secretary

Marc Borja

elected to office 11/2018

Students' Secretary

Jonty Simons

elected to office 11/2018

Membership Secretary

Alejandro Baeza

elected to office 11/2017

Varsity Associates Secretary

James Davies

co-opted 06/2019