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"The landforms, rocks, minerals and fossils of the UK are a vast and valuable resource, and tell the story of the country's long and complicated history.  They provide evidence of past life, environments and conditions, stretching back over 2,800 million years.  

The variety of these rocks, fossils, minerals, natural processes and soils that underlie and determine the character of our landscape and environment is defined as geodiversity, and the most widely used term for the conservation of our geodiversity is geoconservation. "

Joint Nature Conservation Committee (JNCC), Peterborough, UK.

Geoconservation sessions

Geoconservation sessions are a great way to get outdoors, take some exercise and meet fellow members of the Group. Another big bonus is that these sessions will provide you with the opportunity to get up close and personal with some of the best geological sites in Oxfordshire.

Geoconservation projects

Oxford Geology Group is currently Joint Nature Conservation Committee an exciting new project in partnership with a local land-owning charity and Natural England


The project is expected to run for a number of years and will involve site investigation, analysis, field research and practical geoconservation work of a geological site of special scientific interest..

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