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Saturday October 12, 2019

The Oxford Colloquium is an amazing one-day event.  It gives you the opportunity to attend six lectures given by eminent speakers from distinguished UK academic and research institutions. The topics are drawn from across the Earth and planetary sciences.

The Oxford Colloquium audience

Professor Nick Butterfield

(University of Cambridge)

'Life on Earth - four billion years of ecological devastation.’


Professor Pratik Chakrabarti

(University of Manchester)

'Past Unlimited: Geology and the Making of Deep time in India'

lizzie day.jpg

Dr Lizzie Day

(Imperial College, London)

'Heterogeneity in the mantle transition zone around Hawaii.'


Dr Jessica Hawthorne

(University of Oxford)

‘Exploring the mechanics of slow earthquakes.’ 


Professor David Loydell

(University of Portsmouth)

'Deciphering the Silurian World.'

Andrew Saunders.jpg

Professor Andrew Saunders

(University of Leicester)

'From mantle plume to mass extinction: the role of the Siberian Traps in the Earth’s worst environmental crisis.’

With your ticket you will receive tea or coffee on arrival, a buffet lunch, full-access to the conference and your conference pack.

Doors open 09.15 and the talks begin at 09.50

The event is to be held at:-

Said Business School

Park End Street,





You don't have to be a member of Oxford Geology Group to attend the conference.


  • Tickets are non-refundable & non-transferable.

  • Tickets are only available online.

  • Tickets must be produced on the day of the event either as a printed document or in digital ticket format.

  • We reserve the right to effect changes to the advertised bill of speakers and the programme.

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