Quaternary Period FACT FILE

The Quaternary Period /kwəˈtɜrnəri/ is the current period of geologic time and most recent of the three periods of the Cenozoic Era. The Quaternary Period is divided into two epochs: the Pleistocene (2.588 Mya - 11.7 Kya) and the Holocene (11.7 Kya to present)

The beginning of the Quaternary Period can be placed at the onset of the Northern Hemisphere glaciation ca. 2.6 Mya.


At the start of the Quaternary, the continents were just about where they are today.


Throughout the period, the planet has wobbled on its path around the sun. The slight shifts cause the waxing and waning between glacials and interglacials.

The BBC Nature website has a very good section on the Palaeocene.  


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