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Georambles are relatively short walks (5-10 km) with a light geological theme.  Six georambles are held in and around Oxfordshire each year and are open to OGG members and their friends.   We always finish off a georamble with a hearty pub lunch.  


To ensure that all participants get the most out of a georamble, places are limited to a maximum of 20 people.  We can’t guarantee lunch time meal arrangements, although we do our best to accommodate all who participate.

You can book georambles via our registration page



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July 25, 2021            Tackley to Lower Heyford.          A 7 km linear walk in the Cherwell Valley

September 5, 2021              Burford to Swinbrook.          A 7 km circular walk in the Windrush Vale

November 7, 2021            The Sarsen Circuit.            An 8 km circular walk on & around the Ridgeway

February 6, 2022            Puddingstones & Flints.       A 6 km walk in the Chilterns, around Nettlebed

May 8, 2022           Badbury & Great Coxwell.            A 6 km walk in beautiful countryside near Faringdon

July 3, 2022             Ratley & The Escarpment.         A 7 km walk on the Oxfordshire/Warwickshire border


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