A full programme of visits to outstanding geological sites

Oxford Geology Group's field meeting programme is pretty exceptional.  We deliver excursions from Oxford, by minibus, pretty much all year round to fascinating field localities throughout southern England and South Wales.  The field meetings are led by local experts.

The OGG Field Programme is co-ordinated by Paul-Austin Sargent.  You can contact Paul via chairman@ogg.rocks


Wye Valley

March 21, 2020

You will see a wide variety of underlying Cretaceous and Tertiary rocks, the part they play in forming the landscape, how the ecosystems depend on each particular rock type.

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1. All participants of OGG Field Meetings are expected to read and agree to abide by OGG Policy Papers P1 & P2.



2. All participants of OGG Field Meetings will be required to sign to say that they have read and understood the risk assessment document for the trip when they join the minibus.

3. Fees for field meetings are not refundable.