Devonian Period FACT FILE

The Devonian is a geologic period and system of the Paleozoic Era spanning from the end of the Silurian Period, about 419.2 ± 3.2 Mya (million years ago), to the beginning of the Carboniferous Period, about 358.9 ± 0.4.

The Devonian Period started with a major marine regression.


A mass extinction event marked the end of the Devonian Period.

The Rhynie Chert in Scotland is a Devonian age deposit containing fossils of both zosterophylls and trimerophytes, some of the earliest vascular plants. This indicates that prior to the start of the Devonian, the first major radiations of plants had already happened. The oldest known vascular plants in the Northern Hemisphere are from the Devonian Period.


The BBC Nature website has a very good section on the Carboniferous.  


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*Based on 'The Geologic Time Scale 2012' by F M Gradstein, J G Ogg, M Schmitz & G Ogg (2012), with additions. Credit: British Geological Survey