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J.M. Edmonds Cup - Field Notebook Competition

A notebook has the potential for many alternative uses; as a scale for photographs, a weather shield for your head, a swat for midges and most importantly as a vade mecum for the next time you find yourself yomping the same terrain. The Oxford Geology Group Field Notebook Competition (J. M. Edmond’s Cup) recognises the importance of a well-kept notebook and aims to promote this aspect of good field practice.


The deadline for the  2015 Competition is January 26, 2016.



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2014 WINNER: Alejandro Baeza González

J M Edmonds Cup

H.C.H. Crawley Cup - Photographic Competition

Field photographs can be part of a series that document change in a landscape or exposure over time, act as an aide-mémoire, or form part of a report, presentation, poster or web page, and they complement field notes and sketches. Photographing geological features and landscapes is therefore an important aspect of the science, and now and then every geologist, professional or amateur, captures an image that is scientifically interesting and aesthetically valuable. The Oxford Geology Group photographic competition rewards the observant as much as the technically skilled photographer.


The deadline for the  2015 Competition is January 26, 2016.

2014 WINNER: Atilla Pesti

Winning photograph (2014) Kilauea East Rift Zone, Hawaiʻi

H.C.H. Crawley Cup

DeLisle Cup -    Involvement in Oxford Geology Group activities

The DeLisle Cup is awarded each year to a member who has been involved in the organisation or delivery of, or participation

in, OGG activities during the year.


We ask OGG members to nominate a member (they may not be currently serving on the OGG Board) who in their view has been an OGG stalwart.  Please make your nomination by email . Nominations must be received by November 30, 2015.


The deadline for nominations for the  2016 award is January 24, 2017.

2015 WINNER: Audrey Hayes

DeLisle Cup

McKerrow Cup & The Oxford Young Geoscientist of the Year Award

2016 WINNER: Jonathan Burley (front right)

The McKerrow Cup and the Oxford Young Geoscientist of the Year Award are presented  to the winner of this annual competition.


Research students are invited to take part in a day-long competition.  Each student is asked to make a presentation to an informed but non-specialist audience.  At the end of the competition the audience are asked to rank the speakers via a secret ballot.  The panel of judges will take into account the result of the audience vote before they determine the winner of the competition.


The competition will be held on Saturday May, 13, 2017. The judges will be Dexter Brown, Susan Humphreys, Neil Hodgson and Rich Evans.

McKerrow Cup
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