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Cardioceras densiplicatum FACT FILE

Class: Cephalopoda

Subclass: Ammonoidea

Order: Ammonitida

Superfamily: Stephanocerataceae

Family: Cardioceratidae

Subfamily: Cardioceratinae.

Genus: Cardioceras



Cardioceras is an ammonite genus with a moderately compressed shell, with a large outer whorl that becomes smooth. It has a strong keel and well differentiated ribs.


Fast-moving nektonic carnivores


The microconch were relatively large, with an average phragmocone diameter about 5-7 cm, macroconchs had a diameter of 20-25 cm. Microconchs of Cardioceras genus had no lateral  projections on their apertures, however they had long ventral projection (rostrum).

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