OGG is one of the most dynamic societies of its kind in the UK


We run an annual programme of lectures, field meetings, georambles, geoconservation projects, conferences, workshops, seminars and outreach lectures.


Our varied programme of illustrated lectures runs all year round. Speakers and topics are carefully chosen to provide interest for both the amateur and professional geoscientist.

The lectures also provide an informal opportunity to chat with other OGG members, and to gain advice from local experts on visiting geological localities.
We offer two cracking series of lectures: The Buckland Lectures which brings us applied and economic geology; and The Wager Lectures draws eminent speakers from higher education and research institutions.
At the annual Members’ Night in December, OGG members have the opportunity to share their own geological interests, specimens or related travels with the group, followed by our Christmas Party.


The Oxford Geology Group is committed to promoting the earth & planetary sciences.  One of the ways we do this is through organising conferences and symposia.

The flagship event of the year is the Oxford Colloquium which showcases six eminent speakers drawn from the best British academic and research institutions.  The illustrated lectures are drawn from topics from across the geosciences.

OGG also organises conferences which focus on specific disciples such as mineralogy, hydrogeology and petroleum geoscience.

>Fire Mountains 2020

>The Oxford Palaeontology Symposium 2020


We organise up to six georambles a year.  Georambles are themed-walks with a light focus on geology and landscape.  We draw on soil sciences, ecology and archaeology to help narrate the natural history of places and how people have used and affected the countryside we walk through.  It's also a great way to get some light exercise and blow away some of the cobwebs.


The OGG programme team organises a number of day and residential field meetings throughout the year to sites of geological interest and field visits to museums, research establishments, mines and refineries.  Each trip is guided by someone with a special knowledge of the geological locality.  Our field trips are both informative and enjoyable, and are at the heart of what we do as a society.


Day trips are by minibus from Oxford, with pick up points organised along the route. When possible, pick-up points are organised to best match the participants of the trip. Members of the field party are expected to abide by the OGG Code of Conduct.


Oxford Geology Group runs two series of training events every year.  GeoINTRO is designed to meet the needs of those just starting out in the geosciences. If you have already have experience and skills, our GeoPLUS seminars are there to help you consolidate your knowledge and develop your skills.


Geoconservation is the identification and care of sites which make a special contribution to our Earth heritage.

These can be  important internationally, nationally or regionally. Sites that are protected can be used to promote the understanding of geology to the general public and for education and research, now and in the future.

Human activity has left its mark on the landscape as well; from deforestation erection of standing stones and chambered barrows, evidence of Roman occupation and roads through to the industrial activity of the last two hundred years, with quarrying and burning limestone and its use as flux for the iron industry and mining of sans, gravels, fuller's each and clays.
OGG engages is specific practical projects at sites around the county as well as building an online resource for the general public, students and researchers.